AlexandAIR Virtual Airways

Based in: Greece
Balance: 158.492.009v$
Reputation: 120 of 120
Pilot salary: 5% of VA-income
Captain: 6% of VA-income
Commercial Captain: 6% of VA-income
First officer: 6% of VA-income
Fleet Manager: 6% of VA-income
Operations Manager: 6% of VA-income
Senior Commercial Captain: 6% of VA-income
Senior First Officer: 6% of VA-income
Airline statusActive

Airline Mission

Ώς απόγονοι του Ίκαρου, του πρώτου ανθρώπου στη γη που προσπάθησε να πετάξει, έτσι κι εμείς συνεχίζουμε τη παράδοση και ακολουθούμε το πάθος μας για την ανύψωση απο το έδαφος και την εξερεύνηση της Γής απο ψηλά, ακολουθώντας τα πουλιά στους δικούς τους δρόμους...

As descendants of Icarus , the first man on earth who tried to fly, we continue the tradition and follow our passion for lifting from the ground and to explore the Earth from above, following the birds in their own ways ...

Flight Activity

Last 5 flights

From To Arrival PAX A/C Dist. PIC Rating Income
LMMLLGAVDec 09, 10:47168A320472nmIOANNIS PASINIS95%567.900v$
LGAVLMMLDec 08, 19:51168A320472nmIOANNIS PASINIS95%541.275v$
ENGMLGAVDec 02, 16:03157B7381424nmPanagiotis Tinellis100%920.000v$
LGAVENGMNov 30, 17:03157B7381424nmPanagiotis Tinellis100%1.154.050v$
LPPTLGAVNov 28, 17:17157B7381551nmPanagiotis Tinellis100%1.052.175v$


Pilot ID Name VA Rank Location Last Active
AXN111MICHAEL APOSTRAKISOperatorEleftherios Venizelos International AirportDec 09, 11:13
AXN118Alexandros StergiouFleet ManEleftherios Venizelos International AirportNov 25, 19:41
AXN199Makis GiantsidisS/C/CEleftherios Venizelos International AirportNov 04, 18:02
AXN412Panagiotis TinellisS/C/CEleftherios Venizelos International AirportDec 12, 09:21
AXN413Aris MarisS/F/OEleftherios Venizelos International AirportOct 22, 20:30
AXN777Mpormpokis IoannisS/C/CEleftherios Venizelos International AirportOct 30, 13:18
AXN783IOANNIS PASINISS/C/CEleftherios Venizelos International AirportDec 09, 08:38
AXN790Iraklis DimosthenisCEOAlexander the Great International AirportDec 10, 18:33