Icehale Virtual Airlines

Based in: United States
Balance: 1.205.446.522v$
Reputation: 120 of 120
Pilot salary: 5% of VA-income
Chief Executive Officer: 30% of VA-income
Chief Operations Officer: 25% of VA-income
Hub Manager(EGLL): 20% of VA-income
Hub Manager(KCHS): 20% of VA-income
Senior Flight Captain: 18% of VA-income
Senior Captain: 17% of VA-income
Flight Captain: 16% of VA-income
Captain: 15% of VA-income
First Flight Officer: 12% of VA-income
Second Flight Officer: 10% of VA-income
Airline statusActive

Airline Mission

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Be Nice
Be Honest
Be Active

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Icehale Status: Online
Icehale Status: Hiring Pilots and staff
Icehale Airlines Hubs:
KCHS (Charleston, South Carolina)
EGLL (London, United Kingdom)

Chief Executive Officer: In charge of making decisions for the airline.
(Current: Charley Stello)

Chief Operations Officer: The COO is responsible for the daily operation of the company and reports to the CEO.
(Current: Steven Goddard)

Hub Manager: One for each hub. Deals with their airport. (Plane Maintenance, routes going in and out.)
KCHS (Current: Gabriel Hogan)
EGLL (Current: Thomas Gilbert)

President of Routing: Deals with making routes as a whole and makes sure they are running well and making money.
(Current: Vacant)

President of Events: Makes events to bring all members together for a special occasion(Christmas, New Years, etc.)
(Current: Vacant)

President of Training: Tests pilots and gives type ratings. Makes sure they can fly a plane before giving it to them.
(Current: Vacant)

Graphic Designer: Makes liveries or anything else graphic related. Will be loved by the CEO and Founder forever!
(Current: Vacant)

With all that said, Please Enjoy and Happy Flying!

Flight Activity

Last 5 flights

From To Arrival PAX A/C Dist. PIC Rating Income
EGLLOMDBDec 09, 21:20361B77L2972nmCharley Stello100%18.020.100v$
KCHSEGLLDec 08, 18:06361B77L3528nmCharley Stello100%9.312.500v$
PANCKSEADec 06, 23:15181A3211257nmCharley Stello100%3.324.300v$
PHNLPANCDec 06, 01:32181A3212419nmCharley Stello100%6.627.300v$
KMIAKJAXNov 27, 01:142PA32292nmCharley Stello100%65.700v$


Pilot ID Name VA Rank Location Last Active
ICA1000Charley StelloCEOCharleston Air Force Base-International AirportDec 10, 21:47
ICA1002Pepijn KimSOJohn F Kennedy International AirportNov 16, 15:24
ICA1003Steven GoddardCOOSir Grantley Adams International AirportOct 12, 23:47
ICA1004Alex KnowlesHMANTed Stevens Anchorage International AirportNov 24, 17:52
ICA1006Clayton MantzSOMelbourne International AirportOct 23, 16:18


Echo Alliance
Global Cargo Line