lavan airlines

This airline is inactive, because there is no pilot with a Platinum Membership!

Based in: Iran
Homepage: OIII
Balance: 99.362.194v$
Reputation: 83 of 120
Pilot salary: 10% of VA-income
Airline statusInactive
Status reasonYou need at least one Platinum member in your airline!

Airline Mission

in the name of god
welcome to lavan airlines

our destination is all over in iran and all of the world by our airctaft .

everywhere is possible

Flight Activity

Last 5 flights

From To Arrival PAX A/C Dist. PIC Rating Income
OIIIOIAAAug 02, 14:58126B738355nmali fadavi fly lavan90%-778.000v$
OIIIOIBKJul 29, 20:12148A320568nmmajid ahmadi30%-2.360.000v$
OIBKOIIIJul 29, 19:16152B738568nmShahabodin Rezasoltani85%16.630.500v$
OIIEOIIIJul 29, 15:5820A33318nmbehdad motevali100%-45.297.500v$
OIIIOIBKJul 26, 19:40152B738568nmShahabodin Rezasoltani90%15.268.000v$


Pilot ID Name VA Rank Location Last Active
LVN3501ali fadavi fly lavanCEOMehrabad International AirportAug 20, 17:49
LVN3502behdad motevaliCEOMehrabad International AirportAug 02, 14:04
LVN3503mohammad reza zarghamiCEOMehrabad International AirportJul 23, 13:42
LVN3504Shahab MalekiPilotMehrabad International AirportJul 21, 18:36
LVN3505iman khaliliPilotMunich International AirportJul 19, 19:16
LVN3506Diba YahyaPilotMehrabad International AirportJul 21, 11:58
LVN3507Shahabodin RezasoltaniPilotMehrabad International AirportJul 29, 19:19
LVN3508Shahab SoltaniPilotLeonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino AirportJul 20, 13:09
LVN3509Mohammad mehdu YousefiPilotMehrabad International AirportJul 22, 14:20
LVN3510Nima RashidiPilotMehrabad International AirportJul 21, 21:05
LVN3511nima rashidiPilotMehrabad International AirportJul 26, 19:07
LVN3512Ali MohammadiPilotImam Khomeini International AirportJul 30, 06:23
LVN3513amirreza komijaniPilotMehrabad International AirportJul 24, 17:34
LVN3514mohammad javadiPilotMehrabad International AirportJul 24, 19:49
LVN3515Amirhossein FarahaniPilotMehrabad International AirportJul 29, 10:58
LVN3516majid ahmadiPilotKish International AirportAug 22, 05:30
LVN3517Erfan TahvillianPilotMehrabad International AirportJul 25, 17:13
LVN3518Nima HosseiniPilotMehrabad International AirportJul 26, 06:40
LVN3519Ali EbrahimpoorPilotMehrabad International AirportJul 26, 12:02
LVN3520Alireza JahangiriPilotMehrabad International AirportAug 24, 09:52