Based in: France
Homepage: http://epsilonva.weebly.com/index.html
Balance: 1.543.641.975v$
Reputation: 120 of 120
Pilot salary: 30% of VA-income
Epsilon CEO: 40% of VA-income
Africa FD: 35% of VA-income
Asia FD: 35% of VA-income
Europe FD: 35% of VA-income
France FD: 35% of VA-income
Middle-East FD: 35% of VA-income
Pacific FD: 35% of VA-income
Russian and Eastern FD: 30% of VA-income
Airline statusActive

Airline Mission

EPSILON VA is established in 7 HUBs.

LFPB HUB: currently unmanned, FRA DIR.
Objective: to develop FRANCE networks till the secondary regional cities.
This HUB is linked to Marseille platform that is routing to Corse and Nice. A route to Italy to link southern part of EUROPE branch is on study.

ELLX HUB: manned by Edwin, EUR DIR.
Objective: to develop EUROPEAN networks ICCW FRANCE networks. BPT extend networks to neighbouring AIs.

FNLU HUB: currently unmanned, AFR DIR.
Objective: to strengthen our presence in Angola, gaining 40% of commercial traffic. BPT extend networks to neighbouring countries.

NTAA HUB: manned by Samantha, PAC DIR.
Objective: to develop FR PF networks for the incoming 3 months. BPT develop routes to neighbouring south Pacific countries, while establishing partnership with greatest Pacific VA.

OLBA HUB : manned by Mokbel, MID DIR.
Objective: to create and extend a Middle East networks, while coordinating with FRA DIR and EUR DIR a way to connect to FRANCE and EUROPE networks. BPT establish partnership with middle-East and/or north Africa main VA.

KBOS HUB: manned by Edwin, EU DIR.
Objective: to develop US networks and build a stable route to the EU network and the dutch Antilles.

TVSC HUB: manned by Edwin, EUR DIR.
Objective: to develop a service in the Grenadines Island area with connection to the dutch Antilles.

UUDD HUB : manned by Sergey, RUS DIR. Objective : while opening a route to PARIS LFPG, to develop russian internal traffic and traffic to Asia.

1 more HUB's creation in Asia is ongoing. This HUB will be manned by Mokbel, acting ASI DIR for this process.

Unmanned posts are currently in charge of EPS CEO.

Flight Activity

Last 5 flights

From To Arrival PAX A/C Dist. PIC Rating Income
OLBAHESH27 Mar 2017147A320356nmMokbel Dernayka95%773.000v$
LFRBLFPG15 Mar 201795A318278nmMokbel Dernayka100%714.150v$
LFPGLFRB15 Mar 201795A318278nmMokbel Dernayka100%712.600v$
LCLKOLBA02 Mar 2017147A320112nmMokbel Dernayka100%657.100v$
LGAVOLBA01 Mar 2017181A321614nmMokbel Dernayka100%1.709.800v$


Pilot ID Name VA Rank Location Last Active
MOW01COLIBEAU FrédéricEPS CEODon Mueang International Airport31 May 2017
MOW03Mokbel DernaykaMID DIRSharm El Sheikh International Airport31 May 2017


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