Based in: France
Balance: 1.334.920.623v$
Reputation: 120 of 120
Pilot salary: 3% of VA-income
Airline statusActive

Airline Mission

Discord :

SkyFly operates commercial, exclusive, cargo flights worldwide.
SkyFly has a large and diversified fleet to carry out its various flights throughout the world.
We welcome all pilots who want to share the pleasure of flying more information on our website & discord.


SkyFly réalise des vols commerciaux, exclusif, cargo à travers le monde entier.
SkyFly dispose d'une flotte conséquente et diversifier pour réaliser ses différents vols à travers le monde.
Nous accueillons tous les pilotes voulant partager le plaisir de voler plus d'informations sur notre site web & discord.

Siège social / Head Office : KSLC - Salt Lake City

HUB Europe : LEMD - Madrid
HUB France : LFLB - Chambery

Flight Activity

Last 5 flights

From To Arrival PAX A/C Dist. PIC Rating Income
LFRSLFSBJan 20, 19:52184A321373nmGreg wattie60100%2.582.700v$
KJFKKATLJan 20, 18:495C25C661nmBenjamin Vianey100%1.092.300v$
EGKKLIMCJan 20, 17:23195A20N486nmBurger Pops100%1.457.200v$
LFMNLFRNJan 19, 21:41176B739458nmZino Mariani100%2.354.700v$
LFPGLFRSJan 19, 19:03184A321201nmGreg wattie60100%2.401.750v$


Pilot ID Name VA Rank Location Last Active
IKer VStudentEl PratJan 08, 13:34
Timeo GStudentDeurneJan 17, 08:42
SLY001Zino MFlight DirBarajasJan 20, 22:06
SLY002samuel gFlight DirBarajasJan 19, 09:45
SLY003Vincent VJunior CapOrlyDec 28, 12:29
SLY004Benjamin VFlight DirHartsfield - Jackson Atlanta IJan 20, 19:24
SLY005Greg RSenior CapNice/Cote d'AzurJan 15, 09:19
SLY006gerard LSenior CapExeterJan 14, 18:26
SLY007Burger PFlight DirMalpensaJan 20, 17:26
SLY008Mike ASenior CapLesquinJan 20, 17:23
SLY009Greg wSenior CapBasle-MulhouseJan 20, 21:12
SLY01N1hll TCEOSeattle-Tacoma IntlJan 18, 08:30
SLY010Elw00d BJunior CapMiami IntlDec 28, 15:58
SLY011hawxvito hJunior CapBayonne-AngletJan 20, 17:58
SLY012iMTireur TSenior CapEntzheimDec 28, 10:32
SLY013De Leuw PSenior CapBarajasJan 20, 19:53