Aerojet VA

Based in: Chile
Balance: 687.193.542v$
Reputation: 120 of 120
Pilot salary: 10% of VA-income
Chief Executive Officer: 30% of VA-income
Chief Operating Officer: 25% of VA-income
Instructor: 20% of VA-income
Commandant: 15% of VA-income
Captain: 10% of VA-income
First Officer: 5% of VA-income
Trainee: 1% of VA-income
Airline statusActive

Airline Mission

To create an inclusive flying enviroment, characterized by dignity and respect that empowers every member of our virtual airline to have fun.

Flight Activity

Last 5 flights

From To Arrival PAX A/C Dist. PIC Rating Income
KDCAKJFKSep 25, 22:4276E175185nmAlejandro Mavrakis100%444.450v$
KJFKKDCASep 24, 20:0576E175185nmAlejandro Mavrakis100%841.500v$
SCELYMMLSep 23, 17:54450B77W6106nmJoaquin Cruz100%62.520.450v$
KMIASCELSep 22, 07:10285B7893599nmMauricio Ravilet100%28.419.450v$
SPJCKMIASep 21, 20:45293B7892281nmMauricio Ravilet100%24.034.050v$


Pilot ID Name VA Rank Location Last Active
TEJ101Mauricio RCEOArturo Merino Benitez IntlSep 22, 22:35
TEJ102Alejandro MCOOCharles-De-GaulleSep 26, 02:45
TEJ103Maximiliano CCPTArturo Merino Benitez IntlSep 15, 20:08
TEJ104Diego CCPTMcCarran IntlAug 14, 03:07
TEJ105Joaquin CCPTMelbourne IntlSep 23, 01:02
TEJ106Luis OTRNArturo Merino Benitez IntlSep 16, 00:18