Andras Meridian Virtual Airlines

Based in: Germany
Balance: 1.162.419.638v$
Reputation: 120 of 120
Pilot salary: 10% of VA-income
Chief Executive Officer: 25% of VA-income
Chief Information Officer: 20% of VA-income
Chief Operating Officer: 20% of VA-income
Airline statusActive

Airline Mission

We are a virtual airline, operating with enthusiasm in the realm of P3D, FSX and Xplane. We have brought Andras Meridian Airlines from its start with three Cessna Skyhawks to a worldwide operating carrier. This means we have opened hubs all around the globe, connecting them in our ever expanding network.

This doesn’t mean we will become a long-haul-only company someday. From our hubs, we will again offer smaller routes with smaller planes. Our fav planes will always be with propellers. Our preferred routes will always be flyable within 90 minutes. We offer routes in various parts of the world in a variety of aircraft types. Pilots can feel at home flying with us, from bush- or air taxi services to longer haul big iron. Our ranking system awards larger aircraft types in a broader network as pilots rack up flight hours in our fully automatic pirep system.

Apart from what we want to achieve for the airline, we want to spread the love for flight simulation. This will always be an educative, friendly, helpful and caring band of enthusiasts. When time allows, our virtual characters will meet in the HQ for a chat or a beer (or more). And when we are online (flying or just “checking in”) we will be those who explain and help out.

Quality over quantity – that’s what Andras Meridian is all about. Will you be our newest pilot?

Flight Activity

Last 5 flights

From To Arrival PAX A/C Dist. PIC Rating Income
BIKFEKVGFeb 28, 11:5634SF34432nmRuud Meijer100%59.450v$
LFQAELLXFeb 27, 21:123PA2484nmRobert Powers100%16.400v$
NFTFNZWNFeb 27, 18:54152B7381311nmLars Domen100%1.478.675v$
LFAGLFQAFeb 27, 16:303PA2459nmRobert Powers100%14.675v$
BGBWBIKFFeb 27, 14:2632SF34650nmRuud Meijer100%5.775v$


Pilot ID Name VA Rank Location Last Active
AMV102Ole AndreasenPilotHall Beach AirportFeb 23, 12:13
AMV116Lars DomenPilotWellington International AirportFeb 27, 14:57
AMV119Thorsten RuerupCOODortmund AirportFeb 28, 13:15
AMV141Toby LouwenCEONelson AirportFeb 28, 12:01
AMV174Ian PearsePilotCardiff International AirportFeb 13, 18:00
AMV195Ruud MeijerPilotVagar AirportFeb 28, 11:59
AMV210Dirk NijdamPilotGold Coast AirportFeb 28, 11:29
AMV214zeno mateescuCIOSandefjord Airport, TorpFeb 25, 18:46
AMV218José Carlos QuirogaPilotBilbao AirportJan 28, 16:53
AMV228Dale HanychRMRedding Municipal AirportFeb 26, 01:39
AMV229Dirk van TongerenPilotAmsterdam Airport SchipholFeb 01, 13:28
AMV230Gernot ZoellerPilotHervey Bay AirportFeb 25, 17:41
AMV234Rob SidebothamPilotCardiff International AirportJan 25, 22:31
AMV241Emin YurumazuPilotFukushima AirportFeb 10, 16:00
AMV244Juergen VollmerPilotHannover AirportFeb 24, 20:38
AMV245Craig GaisfordPilotLa Guardia AirportFeb 25, 00:33
AMV246Phil LongPilotIsle of Man AirportFeb 26, 19:58
AMV248Robert PowersPilotLuxembourg-Findel International AirportFeb 28, 13:01
AMV250Jim KeilPilotKetchikan International AirportFeb 22, 20:28
AMV251Liam KroesPilotCardiff International AirportFeb 23, 16:24
AMV252Rafael ArrillagaPilotCardiff International AirportFeb 27, 21:52