Air South VA

This airline is inactive, because there is no pilot with a Platinum Membership!

Based in: United States
Balance: 3.617.032v$
Reputation: 99 of 120
Pilot salary: 25% of VA-income
Chief Executive Officer: 60% of VA-income
Airline statusInactive
Status reasonYou need at least one Platinum member in your airline!

Airline Mission

We are here to take you to your destination and our pilots get the best training around.

If you would like to join Air South VA please do so and if excepted you will get a sign on bonus of $2000 Virtual Dollars that I the owner will transfer into your account with in an hour of accepting your application.

Thanks again and see you in the sky!

Flight Activity

Last 5 flights

From To Arrival PAX A/C Dist. PIC Rating Income
KFLOKFGXJun 14, 07:0310LJ45326nmBrent Moose90%-458.000v$
KMYRKFLOMay 09, 04:018B35050nmBrent Moose100%-155.000v$
KCHSKMYRApr 23, 17:2410LJ4573nmBrent Moose90%512.000v$
KMYRKCHSApr 21, 18:1710LJ4573nmBrent Moose95%-666.000v$
KCLTKMYRApr 13, 04:1259CRJ7136nmBrent Moose95%589.000v$


Pilot ID Name VA Rank Location Last Active
KAS101Brent MooseCEOFleming Mason AirportJun 27, 15:05