Based in: United Kingdom
Homepage: https://www.logantravel.co.uk/
Balance: 1.254.604.566v$
Reputation: 120 of 120
Pilot salary: 20% of VA-income
02 - First Flight Officer: 14% of VA-income
01 - Second Flight Officer: 12% of VA-income
Airline statusActive

Airline Mission

Welcome aboard and thank you for considering joining LoganTravel - Scotland’s Virtual Airline.

With our headquarters at Glasgow Airport, we are a Scottish airline that flies to more UK destinations than any other airline.
We are also pleased to announce we operate in Scandinavia, based out of Bergen Flesland. Our Nordic Tour Fleet has destinations across Northern Europe!

Join us to experience an array of flying opportunities in varying aircraft types, dependent on rank. Once you have completed your two small initial training flights, as well as gaining access to our scheduled flights, you will be able to create your own charter flights to any destination of your choice!

We believe in delivering a sense of freedom in the flying experience we deliver. All we ask is that you don't leave an aircraft loaded with packages without informing someone, do not ruin or crash our beautiful aircraft, and if you are not flying for a lengthy period, please return your aircraft back to base.

We also kindly request that you join our Discord channel and that you also consider adding your VA-ID number so it makes it easier for us to track who's who.

Thank you for choosing LoganTravel - Scotland’s Virtual Airline! On behalf of myself, the first officer and indeed the entire crew, we wish you a pleasant flight!


Transferring Pilots with previous FSA flight hours, please contact our COM or FSM to continue your FSA rank.


We have a training video made by our Flight Staff Manager on how to do your training Flights, this can be found in the documents section and on our discord channel under the va docs and help tab.

Hi Cadets, to start your journey with LoganTravel, you will need to get to Glasgow airport. If you are not already at Glasgow EGPF, you will need to get there by buying a ticket.
To do this login to FSAirlines “Crew Center” and under "Personal" click "Book Flight", then under "Options" click "Buy Ticket", now enter EGPF in the "ICAO-Code" box and click "Buy Ticket" then "continue".

To start your first training flight. Click "Book Flight".
Select the training flight “TRN0001 to Edinburgh EGPH. Choose the aircraft you want to fly with, this will be either the Cessna 172 or the Beechcraft Bonanza. Click "Continue" and "continue" to take you to the "Briefing Document".
You can now start your simulator.
Enter your flight plan starting from a GATE or RAMP, and click Fly.
Now start FSAirlines Client. If this is the first time using the client click on the "Options" select "Automatic login at startup", and click "Save changes".
Click "Fly" look on your "Briefing Document" for the "Estimated Fuel" double the figure for safety and until you are used to the fuel calculations, enter this figure in the fuel box(s).Click "Fuel Up!", Confirm Flight, make any changes, then click "Fly". You may now start your Flight. At your destination in Edinburgh, clear the runway and come to a stop. Engage the parking brake. Go to the client and make any comments you want then click "Next" 4 times.

You may now book your return flight back to Glasgow (TRN0002), where you will receive a message on FSAirlines, "your name, has earned promotion from the rank of Cadet to Second Flight Officer".


You can also load packages to be delivered by road within 50nm of your destination. WARNING the packages list goes over 100nm. DO NOT load any packages over 50nm, as they will NOT get delivered. It is IMPORTANT When you land at your destination and park your aircraft, you will have to tick the "Deliver All Packages" on the FSA client before clicking "Next"

If you have any questions or queries please contact the relevant member of the management team.

Flight Activity

Last 5 flights

From To Arrival PAX A/C Dist. PIC Rating Income
EDDLEGPFMar 22, 00:0488E170484nmHenri Rodat100%392.035v$
EGKKEGPFMar 21, 23:04150A20N322nmLewis Dinsdale100%1.547.280v$
ESSAEDDLMar 21, 16:1888E170628nmHenri Rodat100%322.840v$
ENBRESSAMar 21, 11:1188E170383nmHenri Rodat100%321.265v$
ENGMENBRMar 20, 21:2088E170176nmHenri Rodat100%445.795v$


Pilot ID Name VA Rank Location Last Active
LGL101Dan PCEOTerrance B LettsomeMar 17, 12:59
LGL102Christopher FFOMHeathrowMar 11, 11:51
LGL103Jonathan PCOMDubai IntlMar 22, 08:49
LGL311Lewis DFSMGlasgowMar 20, 22:12
LGL313Andy GFLMRabah BitatMar 21, 23:25
LGL327Matt HFSCGlasgowMar 19, 15:43
LGL338xArjun RCaptTiree17 Sep 2022
LGL340Paulie WCaptSt Mawgan AB21 Sep 2022
LGL342Andrew SCaptStornoway13 Oct 2022
LGL343Alan NFlt CaptGlasgowMar 10, 20:29
LGL344Henri RSrFltCaptGlasgowMar 22, 12:48
LGL345Ashish DSnr CaptNarita IntlMar 04, 20:20
LGL346Callum FCadetGlasgowDec 31, 16:40
LGL348xLiam E1 FOGlasgowFeb 04, 23:21
LGL349Rob WCadetBristolJan 17, 16:41
LGL350Gary W1 FOGlasgowMar 20, 21:51
LGL351Cameron C2 FOGlasgowFeb 12, 16:32