YEET Airlines

Based in: United States
Balance: 3.840.425.260v$
Reputation: 120 of 120
Pilot salary: 20% of VA-income
Line Check Captain: 38% of VA-income
Senior Captain: 35% of VA-income
Captain: 30% of VA-income
Trainee: 15% of VA-income
Chief Operations Officer: 5% of VA-income
Airline statusActive

Airline Mission

We aim to provide the best service as we YEET customers to and from all corners of the US, with later routes opening up to international destinations!

Come YEET through the airways with us!

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Flight Activity

Last 5 flights

From To Arrival PAX A/C Dist. PIC Rating Income
KBWIKORDOct 18, 16:26152B738539nmDan Brown100%1.094.700v$
PAAKPAUAOct 18, 00:4522DC6240nmDan Brown100%97.225v$
KCVGKDENOct 17, 19:170B732928nmAlan Busch100%1.027.675v$
KTPAKBWIOct 17, 02:17152B738734nmDan Brown100%1.185.250v$
CYYZKTPAOct 14, 17:10152B738954nmDan Brown100%1.690.525v$


Pilot ID Name VA Rank Location Last Active
SXA101Zakery HCOOChicago-O'Hare IntlOct 05, 01:58
YET069Dan BCEOChicago-O'Hare IntlOct 18, 16:29
YET101Grady LF.O.Dallas-Ft Worth Intl07 May 2021
YET102Adam KF.O.Lewiston-Nez Perce County16 Jun 2021
YET104Kyle KF.O.Chicago-O'Hare Intl06 Apr 2021
YET105Tyler HF.O.Port Heiden03 May 2020
YET108Mason PF.O.San Francisco Intl05 Jan 2020
YET109Daniel RF.O.Chicago-O'Hare Intl27 Dec 2020
YET112Andrew SF.O.Chicago-O'Hare Intl26 Mar 2020
YET113William BF.O.Hong Kong Intl22 Feb 2020
YET115Stu CF.O.Lovell06 May 2020
YET116Dante TF.O.Siple Heliport15 Dec 2020
YET127Ryan KF.O.Blue GrassOct 17, 01:59
YET201Kaio WCaptainDubai Intl27 Jun 2020
YET205Brian LCaptainNarita Intl10 May 2020
YET206Marco NCaptainAstanaOct 02, 17:56
YET210J B5 Bar BoiLic Benito Juarez Intl07 May 2021
YET302Andrew JS.C.Princess Juliana Intl29 Dec 2020
YET303Freight HS.C.Denver Intl21 Jan 2021
YET420Noah C5 Bar BoiDubai IntlAug 27, 19:31
YET840Alan B5 Bar BoiDenver IntlOct 17, 19:23