Biggles Virtual Airline

Based in: Finland
Reputation: 120 of 120
Pilot salary: 10% of VA-income
CEO, Head of Operations: 30% of VA-income
Chief Pilot: 25% of VA-income
Operations Manager: 25% of VA-income
Dispatcher: 20% of VA-income
Member Advisor: 20% of VA-income
Safety Manager: 20% of VA-income
Senior Pilot: 18% of VA-income
Pilot: 10% of VA-income
Airline statusActive

Airline Mission

A growing Virtual Airline based on Finland but flying world widely. Modern Fleet based on Airbuses and Boeings. Also Long Haul fleet available for use. Employing new Pilots all the time. Join to Our wonderful Crew and be a member of a modern Virtual Airline

Flight Activity

Last 5 flights

From To Arrival PAX A/C Dist. PIC Rating Income
ENBREFHKApr 28, 13:58228B753586nmAlex Lund95%1.746.400v$
EFHKENBRApr 27, 16:22228B753586nmAlex Lund90%1.725.600v$
VHHHEFHKApr 24, 09:13450B77W4222nmJouni Rasmussen100%9.265.150v$
EFHKVHHHApr 23, 07:14450B77W4222nmJouni Rasmussen100%9.386.400v$
EFIVEFHKApr 22, 15:58181A321502nmJouni Rasmussen100%1.684.400v$


Pilot ID Name VA Rank Location Last Active
BGG101Jarmo TorvikoskiSenior PilHelsinki Vantaa AirportJun 16, 15:39
BGG102Juuso IssakainenCEO&HOWarsaw Chopin AirportJun 07, 15:39
BGG103Jorma TyyskäCPHelsinki Vantaa AirportMar 17, 16:21
BGG104Arsi TuononenOMHelsinki Vantaa AirportMay 31, 15:39
BGG105Emil PitkänenPilotBergen Airport FleslandMay 31, 15:39
BGG106Jouni RasmussenSenior PilHelsinki Vantaa AirportJan 25, 21:04
BGG107Alex LundSMHelsinki Vantaa AirportMay 31, 15:39
BGG108Sanni SuhonenPilotHelsinki Vantaa AirportMay 31, 15:39
BGG109Patrick OjanenDispHelsinki Vantaa AirportAug 07, 12:13
BGG110Markku PitkänenMAHelsinki Vantaa AirportMay 31, 15:39