Austrian Airlines AG

Based in: Austria
Balance: 134.213.599v$
Reputation: 120 of 120
Pilot salary: 3% of VA-income
Chief Executive Officer: 1% of VA-income
Airline statusActive

Airline Mission

Austrian Airlines AG is the flag carrier of Austria and a subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group.The airline is headquartered in the grounds of Vienna International Airport.

Flight Activity

Last 5 flights

From To Arrival PAX A/C Dist. PIC Rating Income
UIBBUASKJan 23, 18:33148A320785nmAlexey Borovskoy100%14.576.400v$
UUEELOWWJan 23, 13:51624B744899nmMikhail Dubovik100%27.758.700v$
LOWWUUEEJan 23, 10:57624B744899nmMikhail Dubovik95%27.918.000v$
RJTTWMKKJan 23, 07:02311A3322892nmНиколай Гришин100%33.101.100v$
WADDWMKKJan 22, 18:48440A3591062nmPetr Mamontov100%49.647.900v$


Pilot ID Name VA Rank Location Last Active
AUA057Mikhail ShabonkinPILOTVienna International AirportJan 07, 21:04
AUA067Mikhail DubovikCEOVienna International AirportJan 23, 21:30
AUA1513Matvey KudashevPILOTCork AirportJan 11, 12:09
AUA204Николай ГришинFLIGHTDIRKuala Lumpur International AirportJan 23, 12:22
AUA207Alexei VetrovFLIGHTDIRInnsbruck AirportJan 22, 06:09
AUA790Petr MamontovFLEETDIRKuala Lumpur International AirportJan 23, 16:16
AUA791Alexey BorovskoyFLEETDIRUst-Kamennogorsk AirportJan 23, 19:37


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