Rastreador de voo

O rastreador de voo se conecta ao seu simulador e grava todos os voos em tempo real. Os dados do voo são automaticamente carregados no FSAirlines Centro de Tripulação, onde são usados para calcular as estatísticas da sua companhia aérea virtual.

O rastreador de voo está disponível para o Microsoft Flight Simulator e X-Plane (Windows, Mac).

Versão estável atual

Data de lançamento:
2020/09/07 07:05
- Co-pilot support

- A "Deliver All" button so
that if there are packages
that can be delivered (within
50 nm) the will be.

- Divert Airport - When the
divert button is pushed the
pilot will be asked to enter
the code of the airport they
are going to divert to.

- The weight of the cabin
crew is now included in the
weight of the flight.

- A "Read Only" fueling mode.

- Support for P3D v5 and MSFS

- Autosave is now off by
default, if you want to use
it go into the clients
options and turn it on.

- Numerous stability fixes.

Windows XP/7/8/10 (Version v2.4.0)

Versão beta atual

Windows XP/7/8/10 (Version v2.4.0.2)
Data de lançamento:
2020/10/10 16:57
- Updates to reduce in-flight
Previous beta release
2020/09/12 21:34
- Disable enhanced version
- Fix to allow Flight Design
CTRL to be used in MSFS.
- Compiled on new build