The flight-tracker connects to your flight simulator and records all flights in real-time. The flight-data is automatically uploaded to the FSAirlines Crew-Center where it is used to compute your virtual airline's statistics.

The flight-tracker is available for Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane (Windows only).

Nuværende frigørelse

2022/06/25 23:08
- New method restore flight
method where you can set your
position and fuel in the sim.
- New formula for crew costs.
- Pilots can be paid hourly.
- New method for reading fuel
from sim that gets fuel from
additional tanks.
- Stability improvements.
Windows XP/7/8/10 (Version v2.5.1)

Nuværende beta frigørelse

Windows XP/7/8/10 (Version v2.6-b2)
2023/08/05 00:41
- If client can not set fuel
levels accurately force pilot
to use set client to read
- Fix setting of fuel with
- Allow use of email for
- Fix calculation of distance
to destination in private
Previous beta release
2023/07/10 01:41
- Support for Prepare3D v6
- Record as a crash any
landing with a VS > 3000 FPM
even if the sim does not
record a crash (this year that
would have effected 48
- Three new penalties
- Very Hard Landing (15%):
This is a hard landing with a
VS between 1500 fpm and 3000
- Ground Accident (5%):
This is when a crash is
recorded by the sim while the
aircraft is on the ground and
travelling at a speed less
than 35 knots.
- Serious Ground Accident
(15%): This is a the same as a
Ground accident but when the
taxi speed is between 35 knots
and 55 knots.
- Do not record exhausted fuel
supply penalties be