A British Virtual Group

Based in: United Kingdom
Homepage: www.abvg.co.uk/ https://discord.gg/[...]
Balance: 158.965.079.030v$
Reputation: 120 of 120
Pilot salary: 20% of VA-income
P6 - Senior Flight Captain: 20% of VA-income
P5 - Senior Captain: 15% of VA-income
P4 - Flight Captain: 12% of VA-income
P3 - Captain: 10% of VA-income
P2 - First Flight Officer: 9% of VA-income
P1 - Second Flight Officer: 8% of VA-income
Airline statusActive

Airline Mission

Welcome, and Thank you for joining A British Virtual Group. To find out how we operate at BVG....

We have 8 Ranks, starting from "P0 - FSAirlines Trainee" through to "P7 - Fleet Manager".
P1 to P6 mirror FSAirlines Ranking System. So if you join BVG from another VA you will continue your career with the rank that FSAirlines has given you.

Our system is fully automated, so you do not have to wait around for one of the CEO's to promote you.

P0 - FSAirlines Trainee :-

If you are not already at Sywell EGBK, you will need to get there by buying a ticket.

To do this,
login to FSAirlines Crew Center, under "Personal" click "Book Flight", then under "Options" click "Buy Ticket", now enter EGBK in the "ICAO-Code" box and click "Buy Ticket" then "continue".

Click "Book Flight".

Select anyone of the "TRAINER" flights "Please choose the aircraft you want to fly with" click "Continue" and "continue" to take you to the "Briefing Document".

Now start your simulator.

Enter your flight plan starting from a GATE(note: some ICAO codes differ between different Sims), and click Fly.

Now start FSAirlines Client. For first time use click "Options" select "Automatic login at startup", "Aircraft fueling method" "Simple", "Play sounds", "Flight Simulator interface" "Automatic", "Flight monitor tracking" and click "Save changes".

Click "Fly" look on your "Briefing Document" for the "Estimated Fuel" double the figure for safety, and deduct "Initial Fuel", highlight the "Additional Fuel" box and enter the required amount. If your calculation produces a minus figure, then enter 0.

Click "Fuel Up!", Confirm Flight, make any changes, then click "Fly". You may now start your Flight.

At your destination, clear the runway and come to a stop. Engage the parking brake. Go to the client and make any comments you want then click "Next" 4 times.

You may now book your next flight.

Keep flying around the training circuit until you receive a message on FSAirlines, "Pilot your name, has earned promotion from the rank of P0 - FSAirlines Trainee to P1 - Second Flight Officer"

P1 - Second Flight Officer :-

If you want to carry on around the circuit you may, when you are ready to move on to an airliner, then book a flight to London Heathrow EGLL.

Book any flight that you like then choose the aircraft. Start your simulator then the client and fly.

Carry on flying to any destination that is offered to you.

If you want to change aircraft fly back to EGLL and choose a different one.

Keep flying until you get a message on FSAirlines, "Pilot your name, has earned promotion from the rank of P1 - Second Flight Officer to P2 - First Flight Officer"

P2 - First Flight Officer :-

You are now able to move to any of our 24 other fleets. Please return to EGLL first.

Under the "Virtual Airline" heading click on "Fleets", you are now looking at the "Fleet: 000 London Heathrow LHR/EGLL"

Click the drop down arrow, from the list select your desired fleet. Now buy a ticket to the ICAO code for your chosen fleet. Book a flight, select an aircraft and fly.

You may change to another fleet at any time, but please return aircraft to its home base before moving on.

If you earned this promotion while flying a training aircraft, you will have to buy a ticket to another "Fleet" before you do another flight.

If you have any problems at any time send a message to the fleet manager, the first 3 digits in the fleet title is the managers BVG callsign. 002-Ernie, 069-Paul, 512-Eric,951-Alan. 000-is anyone of us.

Keep flying and you will soon get a message that you have been promoted to P3 - Captain

P3 - Captain :-

You can now fly the heavy Jets. Remember always return aircraft to home base before changing fleets or aircraft.

P4 - Flight Captain :-

You will notice when you click "Book Flight" you can now click "Book Charter Flight" you then choose the aircraft you want to fly with click "Continue" then enter the ICAO of the airport you want to fly to, click "Submit". Only Charter a Flight if there isn't a scheduled flight.

You can now click "Select Packages", Available Packages, click "Select" then "Load Selected". your aircraft is now loaded with all the packages for your selected destination.

You can also take packages to be delivered by road within 50nm of your destination. Available Packages click "Select" then "Load Select". Repeat this until your aircraft is full or no more packages are available. Warning the list of packages available goes up to 100nm. DO NOT LOAD ANY THAT ARE OVER 50nm, THEY WILL NOT GET DELIVERED.

IMPORTANT When you land and park your aircraft, you will have to tick the "Deliver Packages" on the client before clicking "Next"

There are other ways to load aircraft, but please get used to doing it this way before trying different methods.

P5 - Senior Captain :-

You can now fly the Antonov 225 and Concorde

P6- Senior Flight Captain :-

You can load packages at any location and put packages into any warehouse.

You are now well on the way to becoming a Fleet Manager

Flight Activity

Last 5 flights

From To Arrival PAX A/C Dist. PIC Rating Income
KATLKMCOJul 04, 23:08176B739352nmEric Palmer100%1.036.600v$
EGCCEGLLJul 04, 22:03161A20N131nmRoss Franklin100%24.553v$
EGLLEGCCJul 04, 21:02161A20N131nmRoss Franklin100%25.940v$
LICPLIACJul 04, 20:543C17258nmErnie Eyre100%18.900v$
EGFKEGBKJul 04, 18:213BE3616nmRoss Franklin100%20.775v$


Pilot ID Name VA Rank Location Last Active
BVG-000ABVG DMDHong Kong International Airport Kai TakJul 04, 11:16
BVG-002Ernie ECEOAviosuperficie Minotaurus e MedusaJul 04, 21:43
BVG-069Paul NCEOA CorunaJul 05, 04:13
BVG-448David HCEOLiverpoolJul 03, 15:19
BVG-512Eric PCEOOrlando IntlJul 04, 23:36
BVG+561Robert DRIPHalifax Intl01 Sep 2020
BVG+951Alan PRIPHong Kong Intl20 Nov 2021
BVG001Wayne SF MgrDubai IntlJul 01, 22:27
BVG003tim mCptBelfast CityJul 03, 09:26
BVG007Mike BSFCptTegelJul 01, 12:06
BVG008Derrick DFCptHeathrowJul 05, 01:19
BVG009James STrAEl PratJul 04, 20:25
BVG010Azril HSCptKempegowda IntlJul 04, 14:31
BVG015Josh WFCptHeathrowJul 04, 17:12
BVG016Andy MFFODublin IntlJul 02, 12:51
BVG031andy sSFCptPalma De MallorcaJul 01, 21:00
BVG033Alfred LSFCptKidlingtonJul 02, 16:46
BVG041Andrew Robert jF MgrVancouver IntlJul 03, 20:13
BVG070Vincent RSFCptHeathrowJul 03, 21:06
BVG071Mahad KCptHeathrowJul 03, 21:05
BVG1000Giacinto FTrASywellJul 05, 00:48
BVG189Zain SCptStanstedJul 03, 22:52
BVG222Ross FTrAHeathrowJul 04, 22:06
BVG247john nF MgrStanstedJul 01, 21:15
BVG320Safwan CFCptManchesterJun 25, 11:21
BVG360James LF MgrBellingham IntlJul 03, 21:48
BVG361Robert PFCptHeathrowJun 30, 14:25
BVG547Damien GCptEdinburghJul 04, 17:31
BVG665Arash FFCptMinneapolis-St Paul IntlApr 14, 15:46
BVG679Cody RF MgrKennedy IntlJun 28, 16:21
BVG777Phil JF MgrHalifax IntlJun 24, 10:50
BVG970Tracey FTrAFox Field21 Nov 2021
BVG972Arminio ASFCptHeathrowJul 02, 12:34
BVG999Daniel JSFCptMc Ghee Tyson26 Jan 2022


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