A British Virtual Group

Based in: United Kingdom
Homepage: http://www.britishvirtualgroup.co.uk
Reputation: 116 of 120
Pilot salary: 15% of VA-income
A-CEO Virgin Atlantic...........Alan Peel: 15% of VA-income
B-CEO KLM........................Glenn White: 15% of VA-income
C-CEO Jet2.........................Ernie Eyre: 15% of VA-income
D-Director British Airways..Paul Newman: 15% of VA-income
E-Director S A A..................Darryn Fisher: 15% of VA-income
F-Director Sláinte Air............Eric Palmer: 15% of VA-income
G-Manager Air Canada..........Phil Jones: 15% of VA-income
H-Manager Adria Airways......Igor Sinur: 15% of VA-income
I-Manager Ryan Air.............John Nixon: 15% of VA-income
J-Owner - Easy Jet - Andrew Jarnell: 15% of VA-income
K-Manager Aer Lingus......Andrew Jackson: 15% of VA-income
L-Owner - Sky Team - Ferry Locht: 15% of VA-income
N-Owner - Scandinavian Airlines - BVG730: 15% of VA-income
O-Owner - IranAir - Arash Fooladianpour: 15% of VA-income
P-Owner - Garuda Air - John Webb: 15% of VA-income
Q-Manager Jetstar Airways..........Konstantinos P: 15% of VA-income
R-Owner - Iraqi Airways - BVG221: 15% of VA-income
S-Owner - Westjet - Robert Denton: 15% of VA-income
Yankee. . . .Fully Qualified Pilot.: 10% of VA-income
Airline statusActive

Airline Mission

British Virgin UK joined FSAirlines on the 8th August 2010, GEO Airlines was founded in 2013 on vaCentral.

In 2014 British Virgin UK & GEOAirlines formed British Virtual Group a group of mature pilots flying on The Cloud, FSAirlines and VACentral. Helping each other to gain the most out of your flight simming experience.

Our Web Site www.britishvirtualgroup.co.uk
Communication Via Teamspeak3:-

Our members are expected to:-

(a) use both flight trackers at the same time i.e FSAirlines and SmartCars, to help both Virtual Airlines achieve a respectable position on the virtual ranking systems.

(b) If you have not flown using Smartcars during the last seven days your account will have been deactivated.You will need to contact a member of staff on teamspeak to get your account re-activated.
Members who persistently fly on only one system will be grounded, until they give a valid reason for not using both flight trackers.
If for any legitimate reason you are unable to fly for longer periods than a week, then please inform either Glenn, Ernie or Alan so that we can cover for you.
We would do this by changing your password and do a flight or flights on your behalf untill you return.
Failure to return after your requested leave of absence will result in you having to reapply.

(c) be a minimum age of sixteen, under sixteens will be accepted if they prove to be able to act in a mature fasion.

(d) fly honestly(i.e: No slewing of aircraft either horizontaly or verticaly) and please have respect for others by not spawning on runways or occupied gates.

So if you want the freedom to fly, have plenty of Fun and meet new friends.
Why Delay When You Can Join Today with A British Virtual Group.


Flight Activity

Last 5 flights

From To Arrival PAX A/C Dist. PIC Rating Income
LIRFLGATDec 18, 23:0077DC6579nmandrew jackson80%-136.775v$
EGSSEKCHDec 16, 22:20171B748494nmEric Palmer100%3.135.800v$
EGKKEKCHDec 16, 22:19165B74D532nmPaul Newman100%2.288.400v$
EGKKEKCHDec 16, 22:17110A333532nmandrew jackson100%1.862.075v$
EINNEGCCDec 16, 20:18100CONC243nmEric Palmer100%4.664.625v$


Pilot ID Name VA Rank Location Last Active
BVGA051Alan PeelSFCpt - AMorondava AirportDec 16, 15:44
BVGB001Glenn WhiteSFCpt - BLeeds Bradford Airport01 Aug 2018
BVGC002Ernie EyreSFCpt - CThun AirportDec 19, 10:41
BVGD069Paul NewmanSFCpt - DCopenhagen Kastrup AirportDec 19, 13:30
BVGE737Darryn FisherSFCpt - EMálaga Airport29 Jul 2018
BVGF512Eric PalmerSFCpt - FCopenhagen Kastrup AirportDec 16, 22:37
BVGG777Phil JonesSFCpt - GHalifax / Stanfield International AirportDec 14, 17:51
BVGI247john nixonSFCpt - ITocumen International AirportDec 17, 19:33
BVGJ031andy saxoSCpt - JCork AirportDec 15, 21:04
BVGK041andrew jacksonSFCpt - KAthen Helenikon AirportDec 18, 23:06
BVGL529ferry DVG529SFCpt - LZürich AirportDec 09, 09:00
BVGM221ali ameriSCpt - MLondon Gatwick Airport08 Jan 2018
BVGO665Arash FooladianpourSFCpt - OSir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International AirportOct 14, 16:44
BVGP040John webbSCpt - PNew Chitose AirportNov 04, 01:49
BVGQ999Konstantinos PsarrisSCpt - QAbu Dhabi International AirportDec 12, 20:13
BVGS561Robert DentonSCpt - SHalifax / Stanfield International Airport31 May 2017
BVGY355Gino BernardsPilot - YGlasgow International AirportDec 06, 20:40
BVGY666Igor SinurPilot - YLjubljana Jože Pučnik Airport27 Oct 2017


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