EuropeanExpress Virtual Airlines

Based in: Hungary
Balance: 3.847.422.892v$
Reputation: 120 of 120
Pilot salary: 37% of VA-income
Airline statusActive

Airline Mission

Welcome to our VA’s homepage. The EuropeanExpress VA has been founded on 15 March 2004 with four members and was continuously present since in the Virtual Skies.

- User level knowledge of Flight Simulator 2004 / FSX or X-Plane
- You should love flying.

Our rules:
- You are only allowed to use aircrafts taken into service by our airline.
- EuropeanExpress supports only civil aviation. Military or war simulations of any kind are prohibited in our fleet.
- We accept registrations only with your REAL name.
- You are to register for education or an introductory flight not later than 14 days after registration.
- Every new member receives a "Student" permission for light aircrafts.
- After two successful flights the "Medium Student" permission will be set.
- After five flights with no errors the user account will be finally accepted.
- Conditions of a "Heavy" permission: 10 flights with no errors and 20 flight hours according to the FSAirlines system.
- You have to fly at least 1 scheduled flight per month in the FSA system.

Training- and collective flights are being held on Fridays.

Referenced knowledge:
- METAR and TAF analysis.
- Fuel calculation.
- Map analysis.
- Aviation English (Language used during flights).
- IFR, VFR navigation.

Please contact info[@] for any further information.

Flight Activity

Last 5 flights

From To Arrival PAX A/C Dist. PIC Rating Income
LHBPLOWISep 18, 08:42146T154322nmSomogyi Sandor95%322.650v$
LDDULHBPSep 18, 06:55146T154296nmSomogyi Sandor100%311.200v$
LHBPLDDUSep 17, 09:32146T154296nmSomogyi Sandor100%286.600v$
LOWILHBPSep 17, 07:49146T154322nmSomogyi Sandor100%304.500v$
LHBPLOWISep 16, 19:57146T154322nmSomogyi Sandor100%325.150v$


Pilot ID Name VA Rank Location Last Active
George HoyosStudentPulkovo AirportAug 20, 13:23
EEP005Andras FoldesPilotBudapest Ferenc Liszt International AirportMar 02, 15:42
EEP007Zsolt TelekesFounderBudapest Ferenc Liszt International AirportAug 21, 15:58
EEP012Somogyi SandorA. PilotInnsbruck AirportSep 18, 07:31
EEP025Avar GomboczA. PilotInnsbruck AirportAug 26, 12:57
EEP061Gábor TitkayPilotBudapest Ferenc Liszt International AirportSep 13, 12:49
EEP069Muhi LászlóPilotBudapest Ferenc Liszt International AirportFeb 28, 15:41
EEP097Zsolt KarsaiA. PilotSármellék International AirportSep 05, 11:11
EEP113Tom KendraPresidentRonald Reagan Washington National AirportAug 21, 06:03
EEP209Adrian Gonzalez PappTrainerBudapest Ferenc Liszt International AirportFeb 28, 15:41
EEP229Fakan DénesPilotBudapest Ferenc Liszt International AirportSep 17, 13:36
EEP254Csaba KovácsFlight supBudapest Ferenc Liszt International AirportSep 13, 20:45
EEP256ifj. Tamás KotulyákPilotBudapest Ferenc Liszt International AirportOct 11, 16:40


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