Philippines Virtual Airlines Group

Based in: Philippines
Balance: 36.762.643.365v$
Reputation: 117 of 120
Pilot salary: 0% of VA-income
Chief Executive Officer: 18% of VA-income
VVIP - Captain: 15% of VA-income
VIP - Captain: 12% of VA-income
Captain: 10% of VA-income
Chief Pilot: 10% of VA-income
Flight Operations Manager: 10% of VA-income
Senior Captain: 10% of VA-income
Senior First Officer: 8% of VA-income
First Officer: 7% of VA-income
Airline statusActive

Airline Mission

Established in 2011, PVAG has steadily grown and has put its name in the virtual sky as the most active Virtual Airline not only in the Philippines, but also World Wide. It is our mission to provide an avenue for strangers to become friends, sharing one love in aviation.

Flight Activity

Last 5 flights

From To Arrival PAX A/C Dist. PIC Rating Income
WSSSRPLLApr 23, 09:23181A3211283nmJoseph Michael Santos100%2.005.250v$
RJAARPVMApr 23, 05:32450B77W1773nmNigel Siono85%-1.462.500v$
RPVBRPLLApr 22, 18:07133A321253nmBenedict Duran100%743.450v$
RPLLRPVBApr 22, 16:17166A321253nmBenedict Duran100%706.050v$
RPLLRJAAApr 22, 16:04450B77W1649nmNigel Siono100%5.171.550v$


Pilot ID Name VA Rank Location Last Active
PVA001Ian CCEOMactan-Cebu IntlApr 23, 08:02
PVA005Arnel APilot 4Ninoy Aquino IntlApr 20, 21:51
PVA007Nigel SPilot 4Mactan-Cebu IntlApr 23, 05:34
PVA008Daniel John DPilot 4Mactan-Cebu IntlDec 30, 16:05
PVA010Benedict DPilot 4Ninoy Aquino IntlApr 23, 13:41
PVA016Joseph Michael SPilot 4Ninoy Aquino IntlApr 23, 12:31
PVA020Jed JPilot 2bDumaguete10 Sep 2023
PVA026Romano LPilot 4Laguindingan22 Jul 2023
PVA028Ivan Ralph vPilot 4Ninoy Aquino Intl24 Sep 2023
PVA041John Nico CPilot 4Ninoy Aquino Intl03 Apr 2023
PVA057Tyrill APilot 4Mactan-Cebu Intl10 Sep 2023
PVA084Rogelio YPilot 4Ninoy Aquino Intl05 Feb 2023
PVA117Simeon III PPilot 4Mactan-Cebu Intl26 Mar 2023
PVA1225brian mPilot 2Incheon IntlApr 13, 11:30
PVA153Deo Cristo Rey BPilot 4Ninoy Aquino IntlApr 20, 01:30
PVA158Terence John SPilot 2bNinoy Aquino Intl10 Apr 2023
PVA162Vincent SPilot 2Ninoy Aquino IntlApr 18, 03:31
PVA188Ralph Patrick LPilot 2BascoApr 22, 01:27
PVA189Ikhyun KPilot 2ChangiDec 29, 16:05
PVA216Andre APilot 2Los Angeles IntlJan 10, 16:05
PVA233Sean EPilot 2Iloilo17 Jul 2023
PVA243Henry MPilot 2ChangiApr 23, 11:09
PVA246Jericho DPilot 2Francisco Bangoy Intl10 Apr 2023
PVA252Victor SPilot 2Ninoy Aquino Intl15 Aug 2023
PVA851Djonne Yves LPilot 2Ninoy Aquino Intl13 Jan 2023
PVA853Ceasar Lorenz SPilot 1Mactan-Cebu IntlApr 06, 10:03
PVA863Revel Rei RPilot 1Ninoy Aquino IntlMar 28, 07:43
PVA871RICARDO JR MPilot 2Ninoy Aquino IntlMar 21, 15:04
PVA872Nico CPilot 2Ninoy Aquino Intl14 Apr 2023
PVA874Francis Lucas BPilot 1Ninoy Aquino IntlJan 25, 16:05
PVA877Luigi GPilot 1IloiloApr 23, 05:04
PVA880Patrick JPilot 1Ninoy Aquino IntlFeb 07, 10:04
PVA881Mark APilot 1Ninoy Aquino IntlFeb 23, 07:56
PVA882Hans MPilot 1Portland IntlApr 21, 14:23


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