Virgin XL Airways

Based in: United Kingdom
Homepage: -- https://disco[...]
Balance: 3.138.880.650v$
Reputation: 117 of 120
Pilot salary: 10% of VA-income
Airline statusActive

Airline Mission

Virgin XL Airways is approved by the real Virgin Group to use the Virgin Trademark.


A message from Adam:

Welcome all, We promote a free flying experience! Next to no rules apart from the obvious don't crash or ruin aircraft.

Everyone (if they want) can have there own fleet where they can earn there own money to fly there own aircraft essentially running their own VA inside ours. You are in charge of maintenance and the admin side of your own aircraft.

Money is never taken from the fleet that earn't it unless two fleets have a trade agreement of some sort. Pilots can also add there own routes if they'd like to.

I invite anyone to join us! Please get in touch via the Discord Server or DM any Director or Manager on FSAirlines.

There are no training flights required but they are available if needs be for pilots without proof of previous VA experience.

See you in the skies,

Flight Activity

Last 5 flights

From To Arrival PAX A/C Dist. PIC Rating Income
NZQNNZCHSep 27, 13:593PA44187nmLucien Postle100%16.825v$
MMMXEDDFSep 27, 13:3717A3335163nmWill Hathaway85%16.088.850v$
FACTFAJSSep 27, 12:140B744687nmLucien Postle100%8.995.275v$
CYYZRJAASep 27, 11:15102B7895568nmOssian Rugg95%18.581.150v$
NZAAEGLLSep 27, 08:47109B77L9927nmThomas Gilbert100%54.803.725v$


Pilot ID Name VA Rank Location Last Active
VXL-007Adam DuceM-DirectorKennedy IntlSep 27, 13:11
VXL-109Thomas GilbertDirectorManchesterSep 27, 14:08
VXL-283Matthew HughesManagerLester B Pearson IntlSep 26, 19:31
VXL-39XRivu MukhopadhyayManagerHeathrowSep 27, 12:59
VXL008Adrian HiggsCPT MgrFrankfurt-MainSep 25, 19:20
VXL027Ritsu Jiritsu ShikĊ KoteiPilotStanstedAug 22, 17:19
VXL05XLeon SchultzPilotNice-Cote dAzurJul 23, 15:39
VXL070Bernd JorgensLAX MgrLos Angeles IntlSep 27, 09:28
VXL144Ashish DanielPilotChangiSep 27, 12:38
VXL150Jarrod RyanBOS MgrLogan IntlSep 27, 09:29
VXL219Patrick JordanPilotHartsfield - Jackson Atlanta IJul 14, 15:45
VXL220Cody JamesPilotOrlando IntlSep 26, 11:25
VXL230Lucien PostleAUK MgrDubai IntlSep 27, 14:05
VXL395Will HathawaySYD MgrFrankfurt-MainSep 27, 13:38
VXL420Joan OluchaPilotSchipholAug 24, 07:36
VXL575Ossian RuggLGW MgrNarita IntlSep 27, 13:54
VXL576Cameron RisnerIND MgrDenver IntlSep 22, 22:25
VXL593Ben RobertsLPL MgrManchesterAug 23, 14:12
VXL893Kishan DjasaiPilotChangiSep 26, 15:27
VXL894Yutube RaidersPilotJacksonville IntlJul 17, 15:42